Something Important

11:52 AM

Something Important

who could she be thinking about
its a battle for the space in her heart
peaceful and friendly without a doubt
but always win and lose, one falls apart

gotta stay on your toes
lets see right now
gotta see how close
but would she allow

thats not enough to call
a place for me in her heart
gotta be strong stand up tall
be myself and make a start

to sneak a little of how i feel
into the pocket of her uniform
just tonight ill prepare a meal
a perfect night so beautiful

i cant show her whats in my hand
unless she shows me something else
its time, its time to make my stand
there isnt much i can do, my heart just melts

i need more information first
but the truth is, you see
i want her to see me at my worse
and i want her to see right through me

my heart beats faster with a faint hope
thinking when its finally my chance with her
but at this point in time i can only cope
and only to furtive glace at her

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