11:44 AM


It's amazing how someone can break your heart
and still you nurse and treat them like precious art
not only you still love them with all the little pieces
but damn in your life story they still your main plot and thesis 
as days goes by, I'm still left all alone, damn should of known
i haven't even grown still left all on my own
but its okays, i started to change
though it might sound a little strange
still got my whole life ahead
well at least so they said

there that moment in time you're just lost in thought
what is love these emotions many have sought
find answers for, nothing but bad luck brought upon
remember that last romantic movie hug kissing during dawn 
under the moonlight pinic upon the grassy lawn
like every fairytale its a fantasy the end
apprehend for another ending but its only pretend
why depend on a girlfriend when it only gonna end
i dont understand these emotions its such devotion
is it really possible for one to love or its cupids potion
fear not, this "emotion" this feeling just a stepping stone
as life too short to be meddling with the unknown

fast forward, life back on track
without a doubt no time left to slack
i ain't talking smack, it's time i fought back
I'm ready to shout, I'm happy and I'm ready
to take this challenge, this game they call life
no longer will i be torn by this love strife, yeah that's right
i choose my own path, my future by the looks of it oh yeah its bright

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